Friday, September 17, 2010

Durham Social Calendar Update [PSAs]

The Durham Social Calendar has been populated for the Fall!

For those calendar users that sync regularly, expect to see a large influx of events next time you take a gander. For those that like to download the cal, now would be a good time to refresh.

For those that say, "calenda-what-what?" allow us to explain:
In addition to writing about particular events on this site, we also attempt to keep a comprehensive list of all events in the area (including recurring events) that are related to the Durham social/entertainment scene. This list is in the form of a Google Calendar which you can view here (links also on the top right of the page). If you, like us, are regular GCal users, you can simply subscribe to our calendar by clicking Add to Google. You can also use the live .ics subscription link (here) to subscribe on your iPhone or other mobile device.
Please bear in mind that all events are subject to change, which is why we include a link to the source. If you see something, say something: has an event changed, been cancelled, or is missing? Let us know!

Have an event you'd like to add? Shoot us an email with the .ics file. Most calendar systems have the option to export .ics files - including Facebook events.

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