Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Golden Belt!

As part of this month's Third Friday festivities, Golden Belt will be celebrating it's 1st birthday as an urban arts campus, as the historic buildings themselves turn 108. To celebrate in style, Golden Belt has lined up an art packed evening. It will be 3 hours of various forms of artstic expression, from dramatic to visual to culinary.

The celebration is free, open to the public, and runs from 6-9pm. Here is the list of events and their descriptions, directly from the Golden Belt event site:
To kick things off, ADF presents Golden Belt, a site-specific work choreographed by NC native Mark Dendy. Following a 6:00pm champagne, chocolate and strawberries reception on the top floor of Building 2, Dendy’s world premiere will surround and intersect as you sip on the sweet tastes of summer. Beginning at 6:30pm, the 30-35 minute free-flowing show will be danced three times, with subsequent shows to follow at 7:05 and 7:40. Dancers will use all of Building 2 for the site-specific piece. Come and go as you like!

One floor down (Building 2, Floor 2), catch a glimpse of Holly Hanessien’s 24-hour exhibition. Suspended vertically from wooden beams, the sculptural works spell out a word from a poetic verse by Bill Reichard, a Minnesotan poet. They appear to float down from the ceiling above, hovering over a pattern of mirrors on the floor, thus reflecting a distorted memory back to the viewer.

On the ground floor of Building 2, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern hits the stage at 8:15pm. Experience the world premiere of John Fidel Justice's haunting comedy that makes universal the mindset of a few individuals who want the world to play by their rules.

Pop in next door to LabourLove Gallery and check out the new collection of figurative artwork from Kelly Dew and Wendy Kowalski (thru Sep 11). Treat yourself to brand new giclée prints (or the real deal), custom t-shirts, and more. Jason Salemme will be back, this time tasting a summer home-brew, aptly named LabourLove.

Follow the giant 3 to continue your shopping expedition in Building 3’s thirty-five open artist studios. Meet the artists and explore their studio work spaces. Discover a breadth of new and original artwork, jewelry and more for sale.

In ROOM 100, King Kenney’s new exhibition BIG LOVE underscores how society’s fairy tale depiction of romantic love may be the primary contributor to rising divorce rates and declining optimism among young adults regarding the prospect of 'happily ever after'. Through his distinctive labyrinth storyboards, he details the rise and fall of his own failed encounter with 'big love'. A solo violinist will provide a stimulating soundscape for the exhibition.

Continue through the courtyard and down the stairs where the MindWorks Multimedia team awaits you in Building 5! Join them in celebrating the grand opening of their new office and production facilities! Enjoy live jazz, wine, light hors d’oeuvres and a special exhibition of work from local artist, Lisa Creed. One of Lisa’s paintings will be raffled with all proceeds going to Urban Ministries of Durham, a community-based organization that has provided emergency services such as food, clothing, shelter and counseling to people in need in Durham since 1983.

Head over to the visitor lot and get your fill of delicious street fare from the OnlyBurger and Sabor Taco trucks! Plus, Daisy Cakes will have cupcakes in celebration of Golden Belt turning one!

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