Friday, July 10, 2009

Cuban Revolution & Dain's Trivia

Due to my "real" job, I haven't had a chance to do much "socialiting" lately, so DBL has been picking up the slack here at Durham Socialite. Wednesday night I was able to get out for awhile with several folks including Belinda from Zomppa. We tried out the newly opened Cuban Revolution in the Ambacco.

Cuban Revolution has done a nice job in their new location. After you trek all the way up to the north end by the water tower (okay, I suppose it's only like 50 yards) you find it tucked around the corner. The front of the restaurant is all glass, so there is plenty of natural light. Tables and chairs are littered out front (similar to Tyler's Taproom). Inside, the decor is very nice (remarkably bougieous for an establishment the purports to support such populist politics).

The food? Well, after your eyes and brain adjust to the apoplectic menu (PDF), you find some really interesting concotions. We split several tapas per the recommendation of Carpe Durham's review and loved them all (meatballs, empanadas, crab cakes, nachos, shrimp kabobs).

After dinner, we were off to dominate trivia at Dain's Place. After some not-so-subtle hovering to grab a table, we ordered some drinks from Dain's fine selection and settled into deciding on a team name. Trivia began a little late (8:30), but went quickly and was over within the hour. The game was divided into 5 categories with 5 questions each. At the end of the categories, the hosts would pause and repeat questions.

The variety of questions were great, and the competition was stiff (we ended up not doing so well despite the slew of advanced degrees that nearly everyone in the group held). We traded with the table next to us and the hosts read off answers and everyone graded each other.

The winning team won $25 off of their bar tab. Interestingly, the hosts were also customers. The trivia night is hosted by volunteers who come up with questions and pick a night to host. You get $25 off of your tab for hosting as well.

Overal, it was a very delicious and fun (and much needed) evening out in Durham.

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