Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Constructing “Secrets” at The Carrack

photo by Andrew Synowiez - www.synster.com
photo by Andrew Synowiez @ synster.com

We got an email about what sounds like a very cool dance performance this Friday at the Carrack downtown. This is a installation of a work in development called Secrets I Never Told My Mother. The piece is a collaboration of durham-based choreographer Leah Wilks and videographer Jon Haas. Here is the gist:
Based on interviews collected by choreographer Leah Wilks, Secrets I Never Told My Mother uses video design, audio documentary, and the movement of five dancers to explore the practice of secretkeeping, and the societal expectations and human reasoning that accompany it.
 “Constructing ‘Secrets’ at The Carrack” is part of a ten-day residency (July 30 – August 8) at The Carrack Modern Art awarded to LeahWilksDance to explore and develop this new piece. Multimedia will be on display throughout the residency. Participants will experience a fully interactive installation where secret-keeping and the implications of secrets will be explored through writing, music, audio documentation, video projections and movement.
Sounds very interesting. The performance is Friday night 8/3 at 8:00pm and is FREE. The multimedia installation will be on display now through next week 8/8.

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