Friday, November 25, 2011

Movember Anthem: "Big Bushy 'Stache" by Adam Sampieri

One of the great things about Movember is the sense of comraderie that it creates. There are 40 men on the Durham: City of Moustache team, and we all have different personalities, appearances, backgrounds, passions, and talents. And yet here we are, moustachioed brothers in arms, fighting for the common cause of curing cancer, each contributing in any way that we can.

One such Mo Bro on our team, Adam Sampieri, is a Durham-based singer and songwriter. Adam enlisted his talents and put them toward the cause by writing, performing, and recording a song that will hopefully be an inspiration for Movember participants across the globe.

If you recognize the tune, it is a parody of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, which Adam has aptly titled Big Bushy 'Stache. So put your headphones on, rock out to Movember's new anthem, and send some donations Adam's way to help support the cause and show him some appreciation for everything he did to record this!

Donate to Adam Sampieri on team Durham: City of Moustache


In other Movember news, today is 'Stache Friday over a Fullsteam. Head on over from 6pm-12am and you can competing in games and feats of strength, such as Growler Extensions, a Keg Cap Accuracy Toss, and Pin The Moustache on Rollie Fingers.

There will be prizes (man and lady versions) for Most Artistic Moustache, Best Beer Foam Moustache, and Best Peach Fuzz (kids only). There will also be a Texas Hold 'Em tournament, and food from Will and Pop's, Chirba Chirba, The Parlour, and pretzels from Café Prost.

 10% of all Fullsteam proceeds (and some of the trucks) go toward MOVEMBER!

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