Friday, October 14, 2011

Full Frame Fix

You know the feeling. The weather is getting colder. The leaves are starting to change colors. You've already begun construction on your "totally awesome" Halloween costume. And all the while, there's this itch. A craving that starts in the back of your mind and slowly claws it's way to the front.

Dammit! You just really need to watch some non-fiction documentaries. You've already burned through all your Netflix queue, but still, you hunger for more thought-provoking looks at the human experience. Blast! If only Durham's own Full Frame Documentary Film Festival weren't another 6 months away!

Thankfully, you can get your fix this weekend with Full Frame's FIX.
We're halfway to the next annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which means it's been a while since you joined us for a few days of docs. To curb your non-fiction withdrawal symptoms, we proudly present THE FULL FRAME FIX. A weekend matinee marathon featuring favorites from the 2011 Festival and newer titles which have yet to reach North Carolina. Get your FIX this October 15 and 16 at the Nasher Museum of Art!
The screenings run all weekend at the Nasher, so head on over and get your FIX! And! It's FREE! Check the website for the schedule and links to the films.

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