Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Missoula Oblongata, Experimental Theatre @ BCHQ

This Wednesday at 8pm, the Bull City HQ / Durham Bike Co-op space will be transformed into a theatre venue. The Missoula Oblongata will be performing their fourth full-scale touring production, The 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen.

Here's a description of the play from a previous stop on their tour:
The 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen takes place just after the Treaty of Versailles. A veteran who is genetically predisposed to cowardice searches for his brother from whom he’s received a mysterious letter. When the veteran comes upon the town from whence the letter came, he finds that his brother (and the rest of the town) have been caught in a dance mania—a hysterical mass tarantism. With no one else around, the veteran befriends a spider—likely the one who is responsible for the tarantism, and together, they go up against the town doctor who believes that breakfast (and everything ordinary, for that matter) is beneath love.
And here is the company's mission statement from their website:
The Missoula Oblongata is an experimental theatre company dedicated to creating and touring original work. Our lights, sound, and sets are all homemade, transportable, and operated by the performers themselves. This allows us to perform in venues which are accessible—financially and geographically—to a larger population than the regional theatre system serves. We meet unlikely audiences in their neighborhoods, their parks, their favorite music venues, and their homes—and transform these spaces into temporary, anarchistic theaters.

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