Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Coming! World Beer Festival!

Imagine a world where you carry around a small glass, and everywhere you go, people give you free beer! Not just any beer either, but some of the best beers from across the country, and across the world. Imagine still that you are surrounded by hundreds of other happy beer aficionados who live in this same magical place with you.

But wait! It gets better. Imagine this wonderful place is in Durham! Not just any part of Durham, but the newly renovated Historic Durham Athletic Park. Imagine that by relaxing in this world, drinking beer for hours on end, you are simultaneously supporting the Carolina Theater!

Well for one afternoon in October, this dream becomes reality when the World Beer Festival descends upon Durham, October 3rd:
The 14th World Beer Festival in Durham, NC is back at the newly renovated historic Durham Athletic Park. Sample the incredible variety of great beers, educational sessions, local food and entertainment that is the World Beer Festival standard.

USA Today rated the World Beer Festival as one of the “10 great beer festivals to tap into for some suds in the summer sun.” Read the article.

The Socialite staff have been attending this event for years, and perhaps we're biased, but The Socialite considers the World Beer Festival, organized by All About Beer Magazine, to be one of the best Durham social events of the year! The beer is amazing, the company is great, the music good, and it supports the Carolina Theater:
All About Beer Magazine's World Beer Festival Durham is proud to raise money for The Carolina Theatre, whose 1920s performance hall is a rich part of Durham's history and the last of 13 original theatres in Durham. To date, All About Beer Magazine and the World Beer Festival has raised $70,000 for the Carolina Theatre.
You are probably wondering why The Socialite is talking about an event that is more than a month away. Well friends, that is because tickets to this glorious occasion go on sale in a mere two weeks! The general public can purchase tickets on September 8th (All About Beer subscribers prior to Aug 21st get first dibs). Tickets are $40 and are good for 4 hours in heaven! More information here.

We'll see you there!

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