Friday, July 24, 2009

The Weekend Has Landed! - July 24

This week's edition is a bit abbreviated because there has been a lot of out of town travel amongst us.


4th Friday Night Cruise-In (Ol' School Night) @ Bull City Street Rod Association - Come out and see what cars used to look like back when people were actually buying them. The event starts at 6:00pm.

The Omen @ Carolina Theatre - part of their RETROFANTASMA festival, starts at 7pm:
A monthly film series of double-features dedicated to bringing classic horror movies back to the big screen in 35mm! Created in 1998, RETROFANTASMA has developed a large dedicated audience of horror movie enthusiasts whose desire to see their favorite terror flicks is matched only by their willingness to cheer at the screen. From John Carpenter to Dario Argento to Lucio Fulci, this diverse film series offers it's audience a joyful jolt of terror and nostalgia. You'll likely find yourself screaming and applauding in the same breath. Before long, you'll be joining the thousands of people who have whispered in the dark to their friends, "Did you ever see the one where....?" Much like the infamous midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The RETROFANTASMA Film Series is pure devilish fun for anyone who loves the mysterious.

Improv Comedy @ West 94th Street Pub - An excellent dive-bar in southern Durham, perhaps worth the trip for this event which starts at 9pm.

Txakoli Fest @ Six Plates Wine Bar - See our feature on this event. It starts at 1pm and they have a lot planned.

Wine Tasting @ Wine Authorities - As a kick-off to the Txakoli Fest, the Craig & Seth will be serving up some of the fine wine at their free Satudray wine tasting at 1pm.

Heirs to a Fighting Tradition @ Durham Main Library - For you activists out there, the Heirs to a Fighting Tradition project is having a panel discussion at the Durham Library from 4 - 5:30pm. The project aims "to strengthen and broaden the base of the North Carolina social justice organizers who have the skills, passion and capacity to work collectively for fundamental social transformation."

The Durham music scene is also alive in well, check out the Social Calendar at the top of the page for more info, bands playing throughout the weekend.

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