Friday, May 22, 2009

Lemming Malloy - Steampunk CD Release

If you're looking to take a musical adventure tonight, mosey on over to the CD release party at the Local 506 for Lemming Malloy's The Return of the Norfolk Regiment. Lemming Malloy is the latest collaboration of a number of local musicians, I've noted some of their other projects next to their names:
  • Jay Cartwright (Felix Obelix, Eyes to Space)
  • Joe Mazzitelli (I Was Totally Destroying It)
  • Wendy Spitzer (Felix Obelix,The Physics of Meaning, The Gates of Beauty, Eyes to Space)
  • Dylan Thurston (The Physics of Meaning, Eyes to Space)
What is steampunk, you ask? Check out the wiki page to do some pre-show research. Lemming Malloy is more than just style, however, as they have a full and intriguing sound, with deep and intellectual lyrics.

Here is an article that the Independent Weekly did on the band, and here is their description by their record label.

Also playing at the venue tonight will be I Was Totally Destroying It and Gray Young.

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