Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Attending a Carolina Hurricanes Game

In case you haven't heard, the Carolina Hurricanes are in the NHL playoffs.

While this is admittedly not exclusively about Durham, it is an exciting time for everyone living in the "Durham-Raleigh" area. Besides, it has been appearing on the calendar a lot lately as the Hurricanes progress through the playoffs. As a newbie to the sport myself (other socialite writers got me into the game this past fall) I thought it would be nice to offer a primer for those interested in going to a game.

1. Tickets

I recommend the box office at the RBC Center. They are cheaper because you don't have to pay the Ticketmaster tax, and you can pick your individual seats, not just sections. Also, Duke University employees get a discount.

2. What to wear

Most people wear jerseys. You can get some good deals at www.hockeyattire.com, but the most important thing is just to wear the team colors (red, black, and white).

3. The Day of the Game

Enter the RBC Center from the south off of Trinity Rd. This is much easier to get into and out of, and this is where all the tailgating is. Parking is $10 cash.

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Tailgating does occur before the games. We recommend the Durham Socialite Recession Tailgating Package:

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Tortilla chips (in the sandwich or on the side, your choice) and salsa
  • Miller High Life

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